Choose Aeration or Verticut.... Then the amount of seed!





Maintenance Seed

+ Fertilizer

Maintenance seed is best for those yards that are healthy and strong, but need an adequate amount of seed applied


+ Fertilizer

Overseeding is best for those yards that are healthy but may have a few bare spots or needs extra seed for stronger growth. 

Extreme Seed

+ Fertilizer

Extreme seed is best for those yards that are may be neglected or you are really trying to get grass to grow. 3X the Seed


Verticutting or Power Rake

**Verticutting include racking and disposing of thatch (dead grass)

** Seed includes Grasspad Heatwave or Overtime Fescue. Shade seed add + $30 per 20lbs. Speciality Seed @ market rate

Do It Yourself

Verticuting or Aeration $120 for Machine Rental

*Must arrive before 6:00am at hardware store

*Must Transport Machine

*Must Clean Maching, or be charged a cleaning fee.

*Must return the maching within 4 hours or 24 hours. 

*Buy Seed 20lbs @ $45

*Buy Fertilizer 25lbs @ $35

Total = $195 + YOUR TIME




Let Aeration KC do all the work and you relax, have a beer or go shopping!

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